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Philosophy of the Inner City School District Association Inc.

Accelerated Schools

The goal of an Accelerated School is to use the best of what we know about teaching and learning, to accelerate learning for every student by building on their strengths and interests. 
In an Accelerated School, all members of the school community are invited to share in the leadership of the school. The parents, the students, school staff members, and community members develop the vision for the school; understand its challenges and work together to achieve its goals. Accelerated Schools are based on the following three principles:

UNITY OF PURPOSE – The whole school community decides on the goals for the school which become the target for everyone’s efforts. Everyone in the school is pulling in the same direction.

EMPOWERMENT COUPLED WITH RESPONSIBILITY – All members of the school community help to make important educational decisions, share responsibility for implementing those decisions, and share responsibility for the outcome of those decisions. 

BUILDING ON STRENGTHS – There is a commitment to looking for and building on each person’s strengths in the school community.

Why Acceleration?
The Accelerated Schools Process (ASP) is a governance and reform model created by Dr. Henry Levin at Stanford University. 
The ASP is a process for accelerating the achievement of all students by developing accelerated learning environments and empowering learners through academic rigor and inquiry-based instruction.



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